George Clooney criticizes Donald trump

Джордж Клуни раскритиковал Дональда Трампа

Surprising to many, but businessman Donald trump, the political forces which many did not believe at the start of his campaign, managed to reach the finals and become one of the main favorites for the post of President of the United States. Support for Trump do not Express many celebrities. So, among the stars who have dared to criticize the Donald, there was johnny Depp and America Ferrera, but now its position was announced by George Clooney.

Like the previous film, the star of “ocean’s Friends” noted that a possible future presidency of the great trump will be a wrong step for America.

“If you will listen to the loudest voice today, you would think that our country hates Mexicans, hates Muslims and believes that war crimes is the best way to put America back its greatness, said Clooney, referring to loud and expressive statements of trump. But the truth is that the only reason that hinders the well-being of America is the power of such views.”

Criticize one candidate, Clooney showed support for another – Hillary Clinton. If the wife of bill Clinton ascend to the post, she will become the first female President of the United States. By the way, earlier it was rumored that Clinton in his victory promised to bring George Clooney to their staff teams. Because here you can think how sincere were the words of the actor about trump.


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