Justin Bieber has canceled a meeting with the fans during the tour due to exhaustion

Джастин Бибер отменил встречи с фанатами во время турне из-за истощения

He was tired and had no strength to talk and cute gatherings. Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who is now on a world tour Purpose, unless to meet with his fans after the concert. And it’s not that fucked up people have begun to annoy, just an artist too exhausted by the constant concerts, after which all he wants is to fall on the bed face in the pillow and sleep it off.

Джастин Бибер отменил встречи с фанатами во время турне из-за истощения
The ticket on the so called get-together “meet-and-greets” rather high – two thousand dollars, but that’s not stopping Justin.
“I’m going to cancel my meetings with fans. I love to meet these incredibly good people, but I just dried up from exhaustion. I have so much energy to give to people during the concert that in the end of the day I feel squeezed like a lemon and miserable” — said Justin on his page in the social network.
Those who have already paid for the meeting with Bieber, get their money back.

“I want people to smile and be happy, but I can’t do it at the expense of their emotional state. I am exhausted and am on the verge of depression. I feel the pressure of people waiting a lot from me, but now I can not give them what they deserve. I prefer to provide quality shows and good album. Can’t Express their sadness in words, I also very hard, but I have to stay a full energy to give you the best concert in the world” — said Justin.


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