Gavriil Gordeev reported on the operation of the daughter

Гавриил Гордеев сообщил об операции дочери In the hand of the heiress showman was glass. The details of the incident with fans on Instagram shared the Le Havre. In the picture of the star shows that she now feels good.

      Despite the constant amusement, a well-known comedian and Director channel “ТНТ4” Gavriil Gordeev always supported the family in difficult moments. This was repeatedly told by his friends – the residents “Comedy”. This time it took the help of his own daughter. It turned out that two months ago, Sonia was injured and went to hospital. Then, by some strange circumstances in the girls hand was a piece of glass that the surgeons didn’t notice and sewed. Now, thanks to a caring father of a teenager health is not in danger.

      The celebrity spoke about the unpleasant situation in the microblog. He told the followers that still don’t understand how the doctors made a mistake. At the same time, Gabriel said that now the daughter is in a good mood and the danger has passed. He also added to the post a few hashtag: “steklomassy”, “paparachi”, “seaboats”, “balanstrasse”, “nutzlosesetwas”. Apparently, the incident rattled showman.

      Fans of creativity Gordeeva was terrified, seeing the doily on a piece of glass, who recently got out of hand Sony. Some of the subscribers told me that when something happens to them such a situation, therefore they know how painful is the procedure of extracting the foreign body. Also users of the social network wished the successor of the idol to recover more quickly.

      “Two months with the glass to go? It’s awful. And well done daughter!”, “Poor girl! Thank God nothing happened!”, “The horror! This is all two months was sick? Speedy recovery!”, “Health To You! And get well quickly!”, “The horror, the glass is huge. Poor baby”, “Oh! Sure! Tough!”, “Failure. A speedy recovery,” comments well-wishers in Instagram stars.

      It should be noted that Gordeev tries to spend with his family all his spare time. So, after work the man is engaged in youngest son of the Seraphim: reading books, playing machines, drives it in the movie. Recently in the celebrity account were the details of their leisure time. Le Havre with the boy engaged in the manufacture of innovative watches.

      “There are different models, even with two dials, so take orders. Who wants to get a fashionable accessory to write somewhere, and who wants plasticine clock without a mechanism to write in the comments”, – has offered fans a showman.