Olga and Ilya, Gazhienko threw him a fantastic surprise

Ольга и Илья Гажиенко устроили сыну фантастический сюрприз Heir of ex-participants “House-2” was four years old. In the morning the parents began to congratulate the kid and ordered him a lot of balloons. Cyril leaping laughed and jumped for joy when he saw the decorated room.

      Olga and Ilya, Gazhienko congratulations son’s fourth birthday. In the morning the boy was in for a surprise. Parents book for the beloved heir to many balloons of different colors and shapes. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” captured on video the moment when Cyril rushes into the room to see what mom and dad had prepared for him.

      “Morning surprise was a success! For the sake of these emotions can move mountains!” – said Olga signature to the roller.

      The boy was very happy, laughing, and tossed the balloons, and the parents congratulated him on his birthday. Subscribers, Kazienko were touched by this gift for four-year-old Kirill. “What a lucky little boy, once seen, live in harmony loving parents. Happiness to your family!” “You geniuses! And son lovely”, “Fabulous childhood Kirill and strong health!”, “This is the most important day in a woman’s life”, “I Have tears. Everything is cool”, “so Much happiness from Kirishi! Wish you health and all the best,” said the followers of Olga.

      The wishes of the parents joined the boy’s grandmother, Irina Agibalova. The woman made a collage of pictures with her grandson and left a touching congratulatory message to Kirill on the page in a social network.

      “Happy birthday to my little grandson Kyrychenko! Nice, kind, smart, my dear! You God has rewarded parents and a wonderful big happy family! Be healthy, raduy us with their smile and success! Grandpa love you very much” – wrote Irina on the page in a social network.

      Ilya and Olga gave her son a play set, from which the boy made a super-track with turns, loops and jumps. Dad helped Him to deal with the designer. Most members, ex-members of the reality show noted that the baby was very lucky with my parents. Olga has admitted that he tries to devote all his time to the upbringing of the heir.

      “The son is well behaved in public places, but still sometimes he is naughty. For example, if we have too long walked. He’s getting tired. But not hysteria, not asking him to buy a toy with tears in his eyes. I calmly to this attitude than her husband. He has not yet learned,” said Gazhienko “StarHit”.