Gauguin Solntsev told about the intimate life with an older lover

Гоген Солнцев рассказал об интимной жизни с немолодой возлюбленной The man is sure that 63-year-old Ekaterina will give odds to any young girl. Gauguin Solntsev still remembers with relish about the first sexual experience with the second half. The showman feels absolutely happy next to a woman.

The flamboyant showman Gauguin Solntsev has recently appeared at the peak of popularity. All thanks to his relationship with 63-year-old Catherine Tereshkovich. The man claimed that his lover is incredibly rich, and in the near future they intend to get married.

Of course, Gauguin was immediately condemned for communication with the lady who is his senior by three decades. However, the man claims that he is genuinely in love. In a recent interview with the entertainer shared intimate details of their personal life. According to Solntseva, he still fondly remembers the first sex with a girl.

“I still remember our first sex. Any inconvenience we experienced. Then there was after the restaurant where they drank wine. Then it happened! Then I realized that sex with a woman experienced more benefits than proximity to young girls,” shared the man.

According to the star, they with Catherine for more than a year to live as spouses. 63-year-old beloved showman active in bed, but shows no inclination to experiment. Gauguin himself can boast a wealth of sexual experience, but in the second half, it feels incredibly happy.

Recently, sun and steel Tereshkova characters “actually”. During the broadcast it became clear that the woman is not so rich, but even this fact did not change the intent of Gauguin. The man said that all the wedding costs are paid by himself, and for the sake of working out.

“Of course, any wedding is quite expensive, all the money pours out. We spend a celebration and a half to two million. But the money did not regret, because for me this marriage first,” said Gauguin.

Now the couple tries to spend all their time together. They live in a country cottage and almost never argue. Despite this harmony, the showman said that while the conversation about kids comes. “We have, of course, everything develops rapidly, but not so much” – he said.

Communicating with portal “Sobesednik” Solntsev said that they tried to hide the relationship, knowing what a violent reaction will cause their relationship from the public. When the Network leaked the pictures of Gauguin and Catherine made during a holiday in a foreign resort, the lovers had to confirm his affair. The man hopes that the fervor will not affect his spiritual affinity with the partner.