Алексея Самсонова уличили в многочисленных изменах The spouse of the man Julia Maulina stumbled upon irrefutable evidence of his infidelity. A young woman told in a personal conversation Eliane Ustinenko. Despite a serious quarrel, the couple have already reconciled.

In early March, fans of the project “Dom-2” was shocked by the news about the breakup Alexey Samsonov and his wife Julia Saulino. Then the lovers did not disclose the reasons for their conflict, but was determined. The young woman stated that he is going to file for divorce, but after a few days still forgiven elect.

Then the lovers began to publicize the cause of the quarrel. Now, however, it became known that Yulia had caught Alexei’s numerous infidelities. She told Eliane Ustinenko during private conversations.

“I can’t imagine how I lived with this man! So I believed him, always quietly released, I never called. I even could not think that he was cheating on me. He escortsite removed, she wrote to me. He is 20 thousand I gave her, sat with her in the restaurant and trashed me. To me it all passed. Then I found his correspondence with some accordince Rosie” – said Saulina.

A young woman claimed that Samsonov decided to commit adultery just at the period when their common son Myron was very ill. The man did not help the chosen one in a time of financial strife, and so she had to borrow money to borrow from friends and acquaintances.

Communicating with Ustinenko, Maulana said that he was going to file for divorce, because considering everything that has happened as a betrayal and an insult to her feelings.

“I don’t understand why it was necessary to get married, make babies, then to behave like this! It’s not human. He knows that the child is already the second time it hurts so much, and it continues to change, being with me in marriage. And he doesn’t think it’s for his sins the child is ill. Son he would see only through the courts. Miroku I won’t let him, because I absolutely do not trust him: you can go ahead and somewhere else will take”, – Yulia shared family problems.

The young woman was determined, disclosing unflattering facts about his personal life. In conversation with Allianoi Julia said that her husband suspected her intentions, so, I got the birth certificate of his son. Because of all these troubles Saulino was difficult to cope with emotions.

Fans of the TV project “Dom-2” was shocked by the confession of a young woman. After her statements, they were surprised at how quickly reconciled the couple. Now Julia and Alex often post family photos. They do not get tired to confess to one another in love, not commenting on the recent quarrel.

Members of the couple hope that such conflicts in their family won’t happen again. Portal “Дом2Life.ru” notes that Saulina and Samsonov together celebrated the first birthday of the son. Perhaps it is for the heir to the loving couple decided to give their relationship another chance.