Gauguin Solntsev spent all my money elderly couple

Гоген Солнцев спустил все деньги пожилой супруги Showman became addicted to gambling. Gauguin Solntsev and his wife Catherine Tereshkovich happy to spend time together. Despite the fact that a man spends money on such a dubious entertainment, darling of indulgent to his diversions.
Гоген Солнцев спустил все деньги пожилой супруги

12 APR Gauguin Solntsev has played a wedding with his fiancee Catherine Tereshkovich. The man did not mind the age difference with wife – she’s 63 years old, and the showman – 37. However, the pair says everyone around between them only sincere feelings, but in one of the programs he revealed that he finds happiness not in passionate love, and comfort and care. Despite the fact that Gauguin’s mother was against their marriage, they were married. Gauguin Solntsev indulges an elderly spouse

Within two months, the sun and Tereshkovich – the official husband and wife. Showman knows that his wife is not poor people – she had a decent dowry, which she no doubt shares with her husband. However, not all the money goes to the benefit of the family. Apparently, now the pair is still in a honeymoon trip, and because I can afford the rest. For example, Solntsev liked the casino.

“In short, lost all! Katya is not happy. Here it happens,” wrote the man in the microblog.
Гоген Солнцев спустил все деньги пожилой супруги

However, fans began to sympathize and worry for the couple. They considered that Catherine might allow your husband to lose money, and it does not affect their family budget. Most followers are interested in how to further develop the relationship Solntseva and Tereshkovich. The man understands that the wife does not bear him a child, but it’s not important for him. Some believe that their marriage is nothing more than a hoax and a joke.According to many, between them there is genuine love, and their marriage is just a way the popularity. They remember the story of Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina.

But while the showman demonstrates the passionate feelings to the legitimate wife – he is always hugging her and kissing on camera. Also, a man keeps up to date with their subscribers and trying not to pay attention to the haters. “Katyusha, my all good! She glows with happiness and sends huge greetings. It is human nature to do things and not only to live “podkagernoe” life! To choose a photo session in which we will take part with his wife!” – shared his plans for the sun.