Elena Korikova is thinking about retirement

Елена Корикова задумалась о завершении карьеры The actress is tired from working in the movies. Elena Korikova complained in his microblog told about the meeting with the friend who helped her believe in herself.

Elena Korikova was memorable to most viewers for her role in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. The actress is now more focused on working in the theatre, but occasionally collaborates with the filmmakers. In a post that the actress left on a page in the social network, she hinted that plans to soon retire. Perhaps this statement was made on emotions.

“To become better all failed. Become worse all failed .Become as unacceptable everything Remains as it was-unique. Hee hee. She came to her friend, after scoring the new film said, “I finally decided to leave the profession” she said, “You’re awesome, just do not know how or do not want the light to put on the artist, anyone can be light to disfigure”. Took the camera, and hers is always there because she loves it. And since our meetings are still always end up shooting for 30 minutes I did a photo shoot without make-up artists and stylists” – said Elena.

In a video shared Korikova, she takes a seductive pose, and her face literally glows. Fans were delighted from the roller. They were quick to laud the star. “Very cool, all the envious washed one video! Beautiful as always, That’s for sure, there is talent, and there are Muggles around, Waiting for the chic part! I hope and believe!” – wrote the social network users.

In the last few months Korikova faced with the negative side of Network users and some detractors. It was rumored that the star is abusing alcohol. Unable to withstand the attacks, Korikova answer to the contentious. “Many of you have approached me asking when I’ll respond to repeated offensive posts that I supposedly suffer from alcoholism and so on. I confess that I have long endured: probably due to my upbringing or natural patience, I don’t like conflict. In addition, I thought it was unnecessary to engage in the refutation of such newspaper ducks. But any patience comes to an end. I went to court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity to prevent attempts to smear me,” said Elena in a social network.