Garik Kharlamov revealed the secrets of life with Christina Asmus

Гарик Харламов раскрыл секреты жизни с Кристиной Асмус
Yesterday, 14 April, actress Christina Asmus was celebrated birthday.

Гарик Харламов раскрыл секреты жизни с Кристиной Асмус

The girl was 29 years old.

First to address my greetings to his beloved wife hurried Garik Kharlamov.

The pair often shares lovely posts, facing each other.

Garik this time wrote that he was proud of his wife.

“Here come the birthday of my second half (if by weight, then quarter them), my saprogenic, Actresses, athletes, Komsomol and simply beautiful – Christina Asmus! My dear wife, I am happy that life has developed so much that you became my wife and the mother of our Nastuha. I don’t know how I deserved it, but it happened. Wishing you good health, creativity, wonderful people around and the mountain of positivity every day. I love you very much! PS Thank you, that lie side by side and fix a spelling error in this post”, – has signed a snapshot of Christina Garik.

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