Victoria Bonia is struggling to gain weight

Виктория Боня всеми силами старается набрать вес
Recently, many fans were shocked by the news about the separation of Victoria Boni and Alex Smerfit.

Виктория Боня всеми силами старается набрать вес

After that, the presenter decided to start life with a clean slate.

The first thing she moved in with her daughter in the United States.

Now Bonia has set a goal to gain weight.

“So nice to see how it changes my body. You all know that I am on “poprawienia diet”. Now my weight is 55 kilograms during the growth of 170 centimeters. Since the beginning of November I do sports regularly. And so, the result is obvious. And you prefer me like this or slender as before?” – shared the girl.

We believe that excessive thinness does not paint a woman and gives her a sickly appearance.

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