Гарика Харламова переполняет чувство гордости за дочь Comedian admires little Anastasia. Garik Kharlamov with his wife Christine Asmus trying to attract as little attention as possible to her beloved child. Each of the girls delights fans that look forward to when the star’s parents will show her face.

      Fans do not get tired to admire the couple comedian Garik Kharlamov and actress Christina Asmus. For several years of marriage, they are also touching each other as in the beginning of the relationship. Three years ago they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Anastasia. Each baby photograph is an incredible excitement among the followers of the famous couple. The parents loved the child and I think the girl is the main person in their family.

      “More than anything in my life, I am proud of my daughter. This is the only thing that makes me unrealistic pride. Child is a new life”, – said Kharlamov.

      Despite the increased interest in the child from the fans Kharlamov and Asmus, famous couple tries to draw as little attention to his daughter. So far they have not showed the face of the baby, and in social networks only publish photos in which she deployed back to the lens. However, even such images evoke a wave of emotion and excitement among subscribers. Fans are wondering who’s more like girl – on dad or mum. Fans of Asmus and Kharlamov impressed with the appearance of their daughter

      Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus were married in 2013. For many, the Union of comedian and actress was a real surprise. Despite the fact that on stage, the resident of Comedy Club looks quite ridiculous, in family life, according to the artist, it is absolutely different. Kharlamov never thought that his sense of humor will be able to generate income. Moreover, all his relatives preferred not creative occupations.

      “As a child I wanted to be either a clown or a policeman. Naturally, no one in childhood did not put me program “be a comedian”, it was spontaneous, and the parents were against it, because I do not believe that humor can bring some money. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, I went to my father in the States and I graduated from high school, and then returned here. To the choice of profession appeared a very different approach because whole life has changed dramatically. My mother and grandmother – economists, this is a serious case, grandfather, too, did not understand what this occupation as a comedian and how do I make money at this going,” admitted yesterday in an interview with PeopleTalk.