The star of “Civil marriage” was checked wife 10 years

Звезда «Гражданского брака» проверял жену 10 лет Denis Kukoja admitted to journalists that he was in no hurry to hike to the Registrar. At first he felt a future wife for strength. Only after the choice of the artist brilliantly endured life, he decided to register their relationship with the beloved.

      Звезда «Гражданского брака» проверял жену 10 лет

      On 9 January on channel TNT began showing the new Comedy series “Civil marriage”, the main role which was played by Denis Kukoja and agate muceniece. In the story of serial movie a young couple examines their relationship through living together in one apartment. The journalists talked with the actors and asked what they were attracted to the plot of the TV show. As it turned out, Agatha was delighted with the humor, and Denis found themselves in one of the characters.

      Agata muceniece: “I know nothing of a civil marriage”

      “It’s very similar to my story. Because I’m with civil marriage sign is not hearsay: his wife lived for 10 years before marriage. I believe that it is normal practice to meet a girl to check “in combat” and therefore have to agree for marriage (laughs). So my character Topic coincides with me 90 percent. However, I have never had conflicts with my wife’s parents,” – said Kucaca.

      Note that the writer and producer of the TV series “chop” married to Elena Panarina. Wedding lovers held in August 2014. It was attended by relatives and friends of the couple. Especially for the festive occasion of Elena and Denis, well known to this audience, YouTube has done a video on the history of their acquaintance. Roman young men were violent. “A couple of years we started to live together, and has begun domestic: cooking, socks everywhere… it is impossible to tolerate, if not love each other,” admitted Panarin.

      The young people also took touching and romantic video during the ceremony. In one scene of the movie Kokoja Panarin and recognized each other in love. “Very happy to have you in my life. You are my life and soul, I’m for you at the end of the world. And we will be the strongest and coolest family in the whole world”, – with these words Elena turned to its second half.

      “There is a bit nervous because we had become one, a real family. And that new goals, new responsibilities, new facets of our relationship. But it’s worth it. To be near her is my main goal. I love you,” – said in turn, the groom.

      By the way, the plot of the new series of TNT Agatha muceniece and Denis Kukoja play a loving couple, and no passionate scenes not done. As stressing the second half of the artists were jealous of their partners on the set.

      Recall that Denis Cokoja – actor, writer and producer. Internet users also know him thanks to the ridiculous and provocative clips of the band “Bread”. The activities of the music project is reminiscent of many is what the American Comedy band the Lonely Island. Among the most popular works Kumaki and his friends can find the clips for such songs as “Tea, sugar”, “Abe” and “Rap chain”.