Крис Эванс едва не умер от пневмонии

The stupid 2016, which claimed the lives of a huge number of celebrities of show business, almost took from us another famous British presenter Chris Evans, who almost gave up the Ghost of pneumonia. This was told by the ex-Top Gear presenter in a BBC interview.

50-year-old singer was vacationing on Barbados, when he knocked down a treacherous pneumonia. The body temperature exceeded 40 degrees, Chris was having trouble breathing and only qualified medical assistance saved his life.
Now to his life already threatens nothing, but that ill-fated vacation he will not soon forget. And the cough is still making itself felt, despite the fact that Chris is already back to work. Before leaving, Evans even dared to walk with friends on a yacht in the Caribbean.
“I still feel tired and weak, but I’m much better than two weeks ago,” said Chris.