Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова The birthday of singer’s colleagues and celebrity fans once again confessed her love for him. Philip Kirkorov congratulated Olga Buzova, Maxim Galkin, Tatiana Navka… And Sergey Lazarev did it in person, arriving to Kirkorov in Lisbon.
Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова

April 30 Philip Kirkorov turned 51 years old. Your next birthday the king of pop met in Portugal. Singer and producer went to Lisbon for the contest “Eurovision”, which this time Philip Bedrosovich has partnered with a group DoReDos from Moldova, speaking as a producer of the band.

But the work does not negate the holiday. In this day of the social network of famous friends Kirkorov filled with endless declarations of love and congratulations. Wordy and touching, short and sincere, full of enthusiastic epithets, they did not go unnoticed by the birthday boy Philip left thank-you comments almost every congratulatory post.

Kirkorov congratulated and new girlfriend – Olga Buzova. Her post, addressed to Philip, provoked a mixed reaction. All because the TV presenter wrote that congratulated the singer of the night and was the first.

“Happy birthday, my Philip. All I wanted, I told you last night in person (and was the first). It is a pity that because of the tour I was not able to go with you to Portugal. I know of no such more like you! Continue to delight your favorite audience with their talent and charisma. Health to you and your loved ones. Your Olga” – wrote Buzova.
Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова

Tatiana Navka also published a photo with Kirkorov. In his congratulatory message noted not only the talent of the birthday but also wished happiness to his children and named Philip with his Bargain. No wonder that Olympic champion and the whole season was Lyudmila – was riding in the lead role of the show’s “Ruslan and Lyudmila”.

“My dear, the incomparable, the most talented, the most creative, courageous, considerate, kind and cheerful, the unique Philip! I congratulate you happy birthday! Be healthy, happy and love! I wish your amazing talent over the years only increase, and your wonderful kids was always pleasing you! We all love you very much, our king of pop and my Chernomor!” – posted by Tatiana Navka.
Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова

Some colleagues are really congratulated Philip personally. So, to support Kirkorov at the “Eurovision” came to party from Russia pozaproshlogodnie song contest Sergey Lazarev. The musicians met in Lisbon and provided fans photos.

Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова“Dear Philip! Dear friend! Heartily happy birthday! Your life as the brightest and a large fireworks display! You always go forward and never retreat in the face of difficulties and obstacles! You’re always experimenting with music, images! Every time we wonder what you’ll come up with new, interesting, for the viewer and for friends! You are able to surprise! And your new job just tore all! And got all the TRENDS! You’re a few decades on horseback, on mount Olympus, on top! This is a perfect example of the true artist who lives for the music, the audience and their profession. This photo was taken at “Eurovision 2016″, when we fought for the victory for Russia! It is very symbolic that today I specially once again came in the midst of Eurovision, this time in Lisbon, where you prepare for the competition, the Moldovan group DoReDos to wish you happy birthday. I wish you and them good luck and high scores! They are cool! Hug! Your friend, S. L.”, – Kirkorov has congratulated Lazarev.
Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова

Kirkorov liked it so much greetings from Lazarev, shared it on his page in Instagram. Also Philip has published for his fans video wishes from children – Alla-Victoria and Martin. And showed what the video said this day Maxim Galkin is the current husband of Pugacheva’s ex-wife’s birthday. It should be noted that the parodist and the TV presenter and the birthday of Philip was not without jokes, he recorded the video in the Studio of “the best!”.

“Dear Philip, there are no words to Express our joy on the occasion of your birthday. It’s a universal holiday. I, Alla, children, we congratulate you, not only I, but all citizens of Russia I congratulate you. You know we all sing your songs! Color mood blue,” – said Galkin.

Among those who publicly congratulated Philip was the former stepdaughter, Christina Aguilera, and Polina Gagarina, Stas Peha, posted the baby photo of the artist, and friends and spouses Yudashkina, and Anastasia Stotskaya.

“Happy birthday, Phillip! Forever young, so different and unexpected! Do. Fool. You can afford it. Love it!” wished Stotsky.
Галкин, Навка и другие звезды трогательно поздравили Киркорова“Happy birthday, dear Philip! This is definitely your year. New round, youth, mischief, HYIP in the flesh! Keep it up! Appreciate and keep every your good word! Stay healthy!” – wrote Gagarina.
“Today, the holiday mood of many! Birthday He! Therefore, precious Philip, Shine, surprise, shock, win. You’re doing great,” said Aguilera.

Despite the fact that Philip is far away from Moscow and many of his friends, he still threw a party on the occasion of his birthday in Lisbon. Guests gathered at the restaurant on the dock late in the evening. The main song to the friendship Banquet was a new composition Kirkorov “Color mood blue.”

By the way, live in the fresh hit breaking all records on YouTube for two days the movie has collected almost 10 million views! So the best gift Philip Bedrosovich has made himself.