Галкин и Пугачева тратят на детсад более 600 тысяч рублей в месяц

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin three years ago became parents. Thanks to the participation of a surrogate mother, the star couple were born the twins Lisa and Harry.

His long-awaited star kids mom and dad try to give only the best starting conditions accommodation (we will remind, the family lives in a real castle) to education.

As expected, Lisa and Harry attend kindergarten, which is located in a holiday village near the village the Dirt.

Reporters learned fees for child’s stay in the centre of preschool education. It turned out that the monthly fee is 320 thousand rubles per month. For two out of the amount of 640 thousand rubles.

“What you invest this huge amount?”, surely, you ask.

It turned out, the kindergarten has a special bias — children there is developing in a creative way, i.e., study multiple languages, drawing, dance, playing musical instruments, choral singing, and many others.

“On ordinary days Lisa and Harry in the morning brings a nanny with a driver. And when we organize events, Alla and Maxim come in person, usually accompanied by a few guards. Looking together with other parents performance, communicate with all children, praise and the, and strangers,” – said the representatives of the kindergarten.

By the way, September 18, Lisa and Harry will celebrate his third birthday. This will be their first holiday that they will meet in the circle of his classmates: “heroes of the day, this day always bring cakes, sweets. By the way, Lisa and Harry are very generous – happy to share toys, biscuits, sweets. Harry is always the corner of my eye watching the sister in control, to not be offended, protects. Anyway, they try to stay together – best friends.