Роза Сябитова сделала безоперационную подтяжку лица и тела

A few years ago Roza Sabitova took to regain her youth and beauty. Host of the show “let’s get married” played sports, dropped a few pounds and generally pulled a piece, began to follow their diet, which could not impact on her face – the skin is the first matchmaker of the country has become healthy. Sabitova but this was not enough, rose then resorted to the services of plastic surgery and was pleased with the result.

Support received beauty Sabitova help regular visits to the beautician. Rose confesses that she is not even interested in the name of all the procedures that is her face: “To my friend Olga Moroz I come to the clinic and returns to her arms. Sit in a chair and say, “Honey, make it so that I was beautiful.” And then don’t want to listen all these terrible names. See what happened already signing the medical record”.

So, for example, recently Sabitova decided to have a serious cosmetic procedure – bioreinforcement (non-surgical facelift).

“This is an essential procedure for women between thirty-five and older,” says cosmetologist Olga Moroz. – Skin turgor increases, refreshed complexion, the oval becomes a clear, deep wrinkles are significantly reduced, fine lines are smoothed out completely, the face is fresh, young and healthy. This is done with the help of hyaluronic acid that are injected into the skin microneedles in a special way, using special equipment.

Note that after this procedure on the face are small noticeable hematoma, which are easily disguised with cosmetics: “Beauty requires sacrifice after all. But in the mirror met me rejuvenated for five years at rose — smiling TV presenter. – I always say and girlfriends and heroines – don’t shoot yourself! And then there’s young to old age. Here some time ago, by the way, rejuvenated and even body. Did two and a half thousand shots! Here at the clinic, I was “injection” for almost two months. Received in a week of two hundred needles. All went as Dalmatians, but by the summer of the swimsuit looked amazing and felt excellent.” And you would dare to take such a number of shots for toned body?