Мэтт ЛеБлан в ужасе от вопроса «Как поживаешь?»

“Hey, how you doin’?” – the key phrase of the character Matt LeBlanc in the TV series “Friends”. Since the completion of this Comedy of Teleostei, which has already made history, it has been 12 years, but the actor still shudders when he hears somewhere near these words.

Recently, LeBlanc visited Morocco and said that even there he was met not as actor Matt LeBlanc, as Joey Tribbiani: “Hey, I was in the Atlas mountains in Morocco on the set of “Top gear”. Civilization is far away, the people around dressed in robes and live in caves. But even they called me Joey and with a horrible accent said “How are you?”.

Matt admitted that of course he was pleased that the show, which was filmed many years ago, still resonates in people’s souls.