Галина Юдашкина возьмет на роды мужа Thus at the crucial moment Peter Maksakov will have to leave the house. In the words of the successor of the famous fashion designer, she would like to leave an intimate moment just for yourself and your baby.

      Галина Юдашкина возьмет на роды мужа

      In early April, Galina Yudashkin will present the first husband of the heir, and the famous parents – grandchild. The birth of a young Anatoly – so the daughter of a fashion designer and her husband decided to name his son – looking forward to the whole family. For anybody not a secret that giving birth Galya decided in America. Particular reasons that prompted her to go overseas, heiress to the famous surname does not explain, calling the act “the whim of a pregnant woman”. Currently Yudashkin is preparing for the important and responsible for the event, and therefore think carefully about the weight that she has to go through.

      For example, the beautiful woman already knows that childbirth will go with her beloved husband. Peter Maksakov will be present only at the time of labor, to ease his wife this test. But the moment when the baby will be born, a young father will have to miss – exactly what Galina wants. “When it goes the process – I think his presence is not necessary, – said Yudashkin. – I think it’s such an intimate moment that a man to see to anything. I want to try to do without epidural anesthesia, so it is important that in the house nobody loomed”.

      By the way, the expectant mother with excitement and awe is, very soon, she and her husband will keep my son in her arms. By the way, Galina is sure that her choice will be very touching and a responsible dad, while she herself plans to be strict. Yudashkin has already thought through how they will educate the boy and, it seems, from an early age the child will be accustomed to the work.

      “I don’t know what kind of father will become my husband. I hope good, because he loves children and loves to engage with them, – said Galya. I, of course, is stricter than he is. I got it covered. Discipline in education is very important. Especially when it comes to boys. Otherwise they will grow up spoiled another major”.

      I must say, be confined to one birth only heir Galina and Peter are not going. Spouses expect that their house will always be heard the laughter of children, and therefore hope to become parents for at least another two times. “I would give birth to two almost in a row, and then, after a pause – third”, – shared his plans Yudashkin in interview to the edition “TV program”.

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