Until DiCaprio finally reached Yakutsk “Oscar”

До Ди Каприо наконец дошел якутский «Оскар»

Now Hollywood actor two statues-gold and silver.

This year the excitement around the prize “Oscar” was particularly strong. World froze in anticipation: is Leonardo DiCaprio once again left without a gold statuette?! For the sixth time?!

Looks like just a Hollywood pretty boy experienced Russian fans. So much that he decided to err and to make Leo his Oscar guaranteed.

For making the awards come from craftsmen from Yakutia. And he called it “alley, looking at the stars”, in honor of their national hero. However, unlike Oscar, he’s not a gold, and silver. Made of gold only cooran – national Yakut vessel for kumys that Ella holds in his hands. Instead of a sword, which is armed with its transatlantic counterpart.

For the precious metal for the Yakut Oscar overthrown the entire world. 150 fans of the actor donated their jewelry. In total, the statue took about one and a half pounds!

First, it was assumed that the award DiCaprio will give a businessman Vladislav Doronin, but at the last moment the meeting broke, and the award went to America with through the company “KARO-Production”. According to the initiator of the award Tatiana Egorova, the statue has fallen into the hands of Leo. And now all are waiting for his response, as was the Treaty on photos and video with a figurine.

– Di Caprio took the statuette, but why silent, still unknown. They say there is no time, will react to this week – said Yegorov, reports NTV.

We can assume that Leo, who had just left alone the creators of numerous online derp o-o, just afraid of the new wave. But, obviously, new jokes in his address he still can not avoid.

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