На ведущую «Орла и решки» напали с ножом средь бела дня

One of the top programs on travel Regina Todorenko told about the unpleasant experience that she had to face in the largest populous city of South Africa — Johannesburg.

The film crew went to the shooting in the area with a bad reputation. With the belief that with them nothing will happen, the team ignored the warnings of a local guide, that in a dangerous area is off limits and went straight to Hillbrow. On his bad experience the guys made sure that Hilbrow rightly considered the most dangerous, because during the filming of the group was attacked by strangers with knives in his hands and tried to Rob them. How it was possible to learn firsthand.

“Before we go there, we were advised to hide the car and mobile phones. Ten times repeated, don’t change your mind if we were advised to bring plenty of small change, and if there will be trouble to pay everything, and flee. When the local guides added: “We are not responsible for your life, you guys are crazy!“, we frankly was not myself, – says a leading Regina Todorenko. — Not in vain. We were attacked with knives in broad daylight”.

As Regina says, so spontaneous attack she did not expect, because it is not immediately realized what happened.

“I ran to some dark-skinned boy, grabbed his hands and began to demand money. Another ran up to my Director Yaroslav Andrushchenko with a knife and tried to poke them in the pocket on the jeans, to pick up the phone” — says TV presenter.

Save from criminals Regina helped all the same Yaroslav who repulsed from their attackers, switched on guy who grabbed Todorenko.

“I tried to throw money to him – at that moment I was so scared that she was willing to give him anything, if only he let go of me. The bandits picked up the money and disappeared in the crowd, I just burst into tears,“ says Regina.

Memo to the traveler in the future, if you guide warns against travel to some places or areas, listen to the guide!

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