Galina Yudashkin touching congratulated son’s birthday

Галина Юдашкина трогательно поздравила сына с днем рождения
The Network has a unique the grandson of Valentin Yudashkin.

Галина Юдашкина трогательно поздравила сына с днем рождения

Galina Yudashkin, Peter Maksakov and their son Anatoly

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Family Yudashkina celebrates today the birthday of the youngest member of the family. Grandson Valentine — Anatolia marks one year! Family members known fashion designer shared her congratulations on social networks. One of the first, of course, was the mother of Anatoly Galina. She admitted that the birth of a son brought incredible happiness and completely changed her life.

“A year ago, I realized what real happiness is! Our son was born, the most resilient in the world a boy with a good heart and a smile on my face! We love you dad very much, will always be your support, to grow up healthy and happy!” — posted by Galina.

Together with tender words addressed to the son of Galina shared a unique frame of Anatolia. The fact that Yudashkina the first time after the birth of the baby was hiding his face. The audience got acquainted with the young heir of the fashion House, when he was already almost six months. The birthday of Anatoly Galina first showed a photo taken when he was still very tiny.

We will remind that Galina was married to Peter Maksakova in the summer of 2015. And in the spring of 2016, their young family has got a new addition. Peter with the birth of the son is actively involved in his upbringing. The couple from the first days of life Anatoly has established a schedule of “shifts” at night. So each of them had the opportunity to sleep in turn.