The soloist “on-On” experiencing the loss after the tragedy in Saint-Petersburg

Солист «На-на» переживает утрату после трагедии в Санкт-Петербурге
A relative of Vladimir Levkin was in the subway during the incident.

Солист «На-на» переживает утрату после трагедии в Санкт-Петербурге

Vladimir Levkin with his wife Marusia and daughter Nika


The tragedy occurred on the eve at the metro in St. Petersburg, has touched many families. Among them was also the soloist of group “on-On” Vladimir Levkin. As it became known, unfortunately, his cousin was in the midst of terrible events. This was reported by the wife of musician Mary. She has published in social networks photos of the deceased and next to it the image of the doll.

“This doll was made by my great-aunt Irina Medyantseva. Today it died in the terrorist attack in the subway in St. Petersburg. Closed my daughter, who is now in intensive care. Our family shock. I never thought that such a disaster will affect my family. Irina, the bright memory of You. You were a real artist. Every doll that you have created, will remain part of You…” — she wrote. This news shocked and fans of Levkin. Fans brought their condolences to his family.

Photo: @marusialevkina Instagram Marousi Leucinol

Many artists confessed that after learning about what happened before the tragedy, rushed to find their friends and relatives living in St. Petersburg. Catherine Barnabas shared that the first time could not get through to their friends and with horror, expecting the worst news. “Peter has friends… They don’t hurt But the lump in his throat as he was and left… In the first few minutes scared to call — If not to dial direct fear paralyzes…” — said Catherine.

The tragedy was a big blow, including many representatives of the world of show business, whose native city is St. Petersburg.