Галина Юдашкина показала подросших сыновей
The daughter of a famous couturier holds a decree in Miami.

Photo: Instagram

The youngest son of Galina Yudashkina and Peter Maksakova was born a month and a half ago. Little Arkady was born in a clinic in Miami in the United States. And the first week of its life on a Sunny beach. The boy’s parents decided that it would be much healthier for the baby and its immune system than a week after giving birth to return to Russia.

In America, Galina went together with his elder son Anatoly a month before delivery. The first time she herself coped with the child, but very soon her arrived mother Marina Yudashkin. And shortly before the birth of the little brother to the star, the company was joined by her husband Peter Galina.

For the time spent by the ocean, boys, the heirs of two famous dynasties have grown so much. Anatoly tanned and stretched, gorged themselves on the cheeks. “Like a hamster!” — touches fans Udashkin. And Arkady, whom Galina breastfeeding, gained all the required pounds in the first month of life and continues to “gain momentum”. So what-what, but so necessary for growth and proper development of children of vitamin D in Miami more than enough! And no amount of money and drugs is no substitute. In a gloomy 10 months of the year in Moscow, where constantly live Galina and Peter, with a real sun problems.

When the family Yashkiny will return to Russia is not yet known. They themselves have not yet decided on the timing. When was Anatoly and Galina brought him to Moscow in less than a month after giving birth. But this time, apparently, she is in no hurry.