Анита Цой пригрозила Валерии разоблачением
National pop stars has intrigued fans.

Photo: Instagram

In your quest to lose weight, Anita Tsoy ready for anything. Once she managed to do almost the impossible: the star lost 52 pounds, when I realized that to continue to live is impossible. But last year, the singer realized that once again started to gain weight.

“I was about 45. And I started a women’s hormonal changes — confessed Anita fans last year. Over the months of filming “Wedding size” I’ve put on 8 pounds. I could not imagine that, while my “boys” will be to lose weight, at this time I will start hormone treatment and will “swell” in front of everyone. Life is life. And we have sometimes to suffer defeat”.

So Choi in the first place dealt with its own power supply. Have regular chicken Breasts and green salad she no longer wants, so the singer decided to test a special slimming program, which was developed by her colleague on the stage Valeria. The point is, nutritionists will be a special system power supply individually for Choi. And every day in the morning she will deliver prepared meals that she needs to eat during the day.

“I need to lose 14 kg weight loss, says Anita. — From today I’m starting a new program of weight loss in their social networks. Suggest you join me and test a new diet from my friend and colleague of the singer Valeria. Lera! Well, you know, to whom you offered the test? A person with a record weight loss of 52 lbs! Presenter of TV-project about weight loss “Wedding size”, who knows all about diets firsthand that versed in them as professional nutritionists! The lady with pretensions to luxury and aestheticism in food! For me, the diet, everything is important — from the taste and hunger to effective weight loss. So sorry Lera! If your program does not pass my testing, I will post it in the trash! And will not advise its subscribers”.

The testing program will last for 3 months. The results of your weight loss Choi will share once a week, as always, honestly and openly.

Valeria, by the way, absolutely not afraid of such a challenge. “Everything will work out. Keep the Cams. Joey dropped 10kg!” she wrote in the comments to the post Anita.