Galina Yudashkin for the first time became a mother

Галина Юдашкина впервые стала мамой
The daughter of a famous fashion designer gave birth to first child in the new York clinic.

Photo: @gyudashkina (Instagram Galina Yudashkina)

The decision to give birth in U.S. hospitals 25-year-old Galina Yudashkin took
yet, while in the early stages of pregnancy: in new York the girl departed in the middle of winter. Yudashkin lot
walking, shoppin ‘ in the company of his mother, Marina. They spend all day
walking through the parks. Sometimes looked in
stores where younger Yudashkin enviously looked at the stack of jeans and
sigh: because she has such a big belly that no classical model
jeans it just will not fit. But fans consoled her:
“Don’t despair! Very soon again be able to wear all the “earlier” things, and
the tummy will have fun!”

Galina’s husband, Peter Maksakov because of work in the wrong category
always may be around, but on the eve of the day he, of course,
flew to his beloved. “Finally come beloved,
— said Yudashkin. — Now waiting for a miracle, believe every day.” By the way, Galina and
Marina Yudashkina have already prepared a separate room for the baby in their new York

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