Sasha Savelyev visited her husband in Berlin

Саша Савельева навестила мужа в Берлине
The singer watched the show with the participation of Cyril the fifth time

Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva

Photo: @sasha_savelieva (Instagram Sasha Savelieva)

Sasha Savelieva supported her husband, who had gone on tour to Berlin to speak in front of the German theatre with the play “Two for the seesaw”, where they play Kirill Safonov and Chulpan Khamatova.

“It was incredible — shared with singer — Berlin the audience greeted the performance warmly. Fifteen minutes the audience gave a standing ovation”. For Sasha the Berlin performance was the anniversary. She had seen “Two for the seesaw” for the fifth time.

Cyril and Sasha took advantage of the rare opportunity to be together and took a walk in the spring Berlin. The star arrived in Germany from Sunny Italy, where he was at work and was only there for two days. And before that, Sasha had a rest in Israel, where he loves to spend holidays. However, she usually goes there together with Cyril, but this time had a rest in proud loneliness. The reason the tour became her husband.

Back in Moscow, Saveliev are unable to come to Sergey Lazarev for his birthday, which he celebrated in a trendy club. And now the singer has immersed himself in work: group “Factory” is preparing to film a video for the song “fell in Love”.

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