Галина Волчек борется с осложнениями гриппа Artistic Director of “Sovremennik” theatre safe again after an illness. Representatives reported that the disease caused complications. Now Galina Volchek is being treated.

      Галина Волчек борется с осложнениями гриппа

      For many fans of Galina Volchek the news that the beloved by millions, the actress and Director got to the hospital, was an unpleasant surprise. In a press there was an information that the artistic Director of the theater “Sovremennik” was hospitalized in serious condition. But in the theatre representatives commented on the news about the illness of Galina Borisovny rather cautiously.

      “I can say that now Galina Volchek complications from influenza,” – said the representatives of the people’s artist.

      Recall that a year ago, artistic Director of the theater went to Israel to treat the spine. Then, according to Stas Sadalsky, people’s artist back ached so that she had to move around only in a wheelchair. She was examined by doctors who treated celebrities such as Evgeni Plushenko, Stanislav Govorukhin and others. In order to maintain Volchek in this period, came Alla Pugacheva and Alina Redel. In addition to treatment, Galina Volchek had planned to rest for at least a month to restore health and gain strength.

      Two years ago Galina Volchek was recorded almost complete atrioventricular heart block. This diagnosis means that the person can be blocked electrical impulses, and disturbed heart rhythm. Nevertheless, while rumors of a serious condition was denied by relatives and colleagues of Galina Borisovny. According to them, the run felt good and even did not intend to cancel rehearsals.

      I must say that representatives often artists do not seek to disclose the diagnosis to which celebrities go to the hospital. Not so long ago a well-known musician Alexander Rosenbaum was also in the clinic. But what brought the artist to the hospital bed, and remained unknown. The representatives were assured that the reason for the excitement of fans about the health of Rosenbaum no.

      “Alexander is now a stable state. He felt bad, maybe same person to be bad, he’s just like the rest of us. Now he is in the hospital and once the doctors decide that he can leave the hospital, he will go home,” said the Director of the musician.

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