Солистка группы «IOWA» тайно сочеталась браком The chosen star became a member of the group. Kate ivanchikova did not demonstrate changes in their personal lives. This was told by her friend who knows a star for many years.

      Солистка группы «IOWA» тайно сочеталась браком

      Belarusian group “IOWA” is not the first Russian blows up dance floors with hits such as “Smile”, “Minibus” and “beating the beat”. The soloist of collective, playful ivanchikova Kate, has passed a difficult path to glory. The girl was born in the small town of Chausy mogilevka the region in a poor family and since childhood dreamed of becoming a famous actress. A happy chance brought her with Leonid Tereshchenko, who not only created together with the singer of a popular group, but has become her beloved man.

      “It seems that Lenka from the first meeting have a crush on Kate – they almost immediately began to live together. Thanks to their joint efforts and there was a group IOWA,” says a friend of Ivanchikova Anna Kovalevskaya.

      The guys have never spoken about their relationship. In conversations with journalists Kate admitted that her choice from the world of show business, but his name was never released. Many fans of Ivanchikova were not even aware that favorite Ivanchikova much closer than they think. He is constantly next to the star – Leon Tereschenko is a guitarist and songwriter of the group.

      In secret the pair married. However, the news quickly spread among the close friends of the musicians who are happy for the guys, because it’s been a long time coming for the wedding.

      “Recently our mutual friends said that Ivanchikov and Tereshchenko finally signed. Although they have long been perceived as a married couple – after seven years together,” admits a friend of the star in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

      By the way, a few months ago ivanchikova still could not resist the emotions and passionately congratulated the guitarist a happy birthday in her Instagram. “I love you to tears, mad love! she quotes the song of Alexander Serov. Happy Birthday, Levi!” Many fans immediately guessed that the soloist of “IOWA” declassified beloved. “What good”, “Very beautiful photo”, “still happened! Congratulations Lyonka from the heart,” wrote they.

      According to a friend of the couple, the boys settled in St. Petersburg with the filing of Leonidas. First they had a hard time – performed for small fees and even worked at a candle factory. After the group was spun off, Kate moved from their Chavusau mom, and her dad still lives in Minsk.


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