Бен Аффлек украл реквизит со съемочной площадки
The actor was embarrassed when he was caught at the crime scene.

Бен Аффлек украл реквизит со съемочной площадки

Ben Affleck

Photo: Splash News/East news

Бен Аффлек украл реквизит со съемочной площадки

Ben Affleck with son Samuel

Photo: Splash News/East news

Ben Affleck admitted in a recent interview that
tried to kidnap his favorite thing from the set of his latest movie “Batman
V Superman: dawn of justice”, but was stopped by one of
the prop guys.

Ben Affleck was so fascinated by the role in a superhero movie, just not
summoned up the courage to part with all of the fantastic gadgets of his
hero. “Of course, my favorite was the Batmobile (Batman’s flying car). But
to steal him from shooting would be a bit difficult!” I was told by the actor.
But to resist his desire to take home a gun fighter
justice he could not.

43-year-old Affleck stopped his choice on Batarang – boomerang Batman.
The actor tried, without attracting attention, to take it with a camera
site, but it is strongly indicated that he brought the props in place.
Frustrated and ashamed Affleck tried to appeal to the Director
film, Zach Snyder. But he advised Ben not to exacerbate an already
an awkward situation. However, on reflection, Snyder decided to allow Affleck
to save another “souvenir” — a grappling gun Batman — okay
compensation. Than the actor, of course, were extremely satisfied.

This story looks even more fun, if you take
notice that before Ben claimed:
he, though, agreed on the role of Batman solely for the sake of her four-year old
son Samuel from his wife Jennifer garner, with whom he currently
diluted. By the way, the boy, with his father visiting the set of the film, left
Ben was a little disappointed – for some reason he seemed “not cool enough”.
But the kid came to a complete delight from colleagues Affleck — Henry Cavill.
“Dad, look — it’s Superman!” — admired Sam. Although Ben
to hear it was not too pleasant, he still had enough sense of humor to
not to be offended at his son.

Ben Affleck in “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”,

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