Galina Bob revealed the sex of the baby

Галина Боб раскрыла пол ребенка A young mother shared details of motherhood. The actress was discharged from the hospital and could not hide her emotions about the birth of the second child in the family that told subscribers to his microblog.

The day before Galina Bob took a solemn discharge from hospital. The young mother couldn’t control her emotions and said, what happiness for her was the birth of the second child. The star of the series “Deffchonki” he shared with followers emotions that it was “the most enjoyable in her life” and she is now ready to return to the clinic for the third child. A young mother admitted that he could not describe the feelings that overwhelmed her when “driven little ball of happiness home.”

“To begin with,such that after giving birth, I ready to be a mom again! Just when it was nearing the birth,I started to shake from fear, I cried and did not come off from her husband,so he took pity on me and reassured! In the end… she was the most beautiful and most, for lack of a better word, enjoyable process of the entire pregnancy,I swear!” – Frank wrote in microblogging celebrity.

The gender of your baby Galina opened on the eve of the statement – the actress was born a boy, as reported to subscribers the eldest son of the actress in one of the videos in Instagram. But the name of the newborn has been kept secret. Star in his microblog expressed boundless gratitude to the doctors who took delivery. She is confident that if all women were able to give birth as easily as her, then Russia would have long overtaken China by population.

We will remind that on April 26, theater and film actress Galina Bob became a mother for the second time. The day the star told fans that my husband and I went with Sergei to the hospital. She posted a video of the car on the way to the hospital, where she admitted that she was terribly scared. The emotions are so overwhelmed by the actress that she even cried. “Scared me? Yes! Very…” — said Galina. The baby was born the evening of the same day in one of the capital’s hospitals. A happy event the actress said to herself, almost live, posting a video from the clinic immediately after the happy event.

Throughout the pregnancy the star was leading an active life and until recently participated in the filming, social events, and much time was given to the eldest son of the lion. In the later period Galina became inspired to create music tracks.

Today Galina shared a hilarious video with the first outing of the son. In the video a young mother is jumping while holding onto the stroller. “One, two, 3, 4, 5…got the nurse to walk! Here is our first walk! How do you spend your Sunday evening, share”, signed mischievous publication is an actress.