Alexander Buinov preparing for surgery

Александр Буйнов готовится к операции The artist is going to lie down on the surgical table, but long pulls with the operation. The singer said that for a long time can not live fully and perform stunts during performances due to health problems.

At the end of March Alexander Buynova 67 years old. His excellent physical shape can only envy. He is young, energetic, smart and continues to show various tricks on the stage as in the best years. However, as it turned out, the artist has serious health problems. In the program “You would not believe” the NTV popular singer admitted that he had to have surgery – the artist of the damaged meniscus. Now violent before each appearance on the stage wrapped elastic bandages, deals special ointments and drink a few tablets of Panadol to hold out during the performance. Doctors have warned the star that he even need to walk with caution, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.

“Yes, I need to have surgery. I have a classical injury of all athletes injuries to the meniscus. I now even the dog can’t run away,” – said in the air of the popular performer.

Despite the fact that the injury is quite serious, the singer is in no hurry with the operation. Rehabilitation after surgery should take at least six weeks. The actor admitted that he is not at this time: all concerts already planned for a long time to come, and his attention must close.

Alexander has three grandchildren – 12-year-old Sasha and girl twins Dasha and Sonya, they are 11 years old. Star loves to play with children: grandchildren love grandpa and often ride on top of it, which only exacerbates the situation with his knee. The singer admitted that she often can’t even fully relax. Violent have already decided what is heirs: the fall of the grandson Sasha will go to a military school. He himself has served and understands that the military monster and military bearing will only benefit the man. Twins Dasha and Sonya through the year waiting for the Institute for noble maidens, but not in Russia, and abroad.

Bujnov promised that summer will definitely do your health and solve the problem with the knee. In the meantime, the singer is preparing for another concert.