Fyodor Bondarchuk will get Vasily Stepanov depression

Федор Бондарчук вытащит Василия Степанова из депрессии Well-known Director has joined the stars who supported the actor who are in difficult life situation. In social networks there was a post on behalf of a novel, where he promised to help the star of the painting “the Inhabited island”.

      Some days in the Network discusses the fall of Vasily Stepanov window. Native star pictures “Inhabited island” saying he wasn’t trying to kill herself and just snapped. Many stars of show business decided to help Basil to cope with a life crisis. Fedor Bondarchuk, the Director of the film, which glorified the actor also broke the silence. Earlier, his representatives requested not to bother them about the situation with Stepanov.

      On the official page of Art Pictures published an article in which the filmmakers expressed their feelings for a colleague and offered to support him.

      Lenin and Bondarchuk will get from Stepanov psychiatric hospital

      “Dear audience, dear actors and friends of Vasily Stepanov! I will do everything I can to support Vasily,” wrote Fyodor Bondarchuk.

      However, the Director did not specify what support he plans to provide. Perhaps the novel is intended to bring the artist to participate in one of his works. According to the brother Stepanova, Maxim, Vasily had a few job offers in the coming months, however, due to the condition of man will have to give them up.

      Fedor has admitted in the press that have long sought the protagonist of the tape. Teacher School-Studio of MKHAT Igor zolotovitski asked him to invite to casting an unknown young actor Vasily Stepanov. Appreciating the outstanding external data actor, the Director realized that the person he was looking for.

      Informed friends and acquaintances Stepanova has created a web document, which asked the novel to help the man.

      “Dear Fyodor! You refer to your viewers as well as actors and friends of Vasily Stepanov. The guy has severe depression, he needed serious treatment, physical and psychological. We ask that You sincerely help him. You gave him glory, please don’t let him die under its oppression. We want to see again and Basil is healthy, happy and as beautiful as we saw it in the movie. With respect and hope your audience”, – the statement says.

      We will remind that Vasily Stepanov jumped out the window. Injured feet and hands, he was hospitalized. The doctors put in plaster and sent home to convalesce. However, after some time the doctors found out that Stepanov is a public person and have read in the media about his depression. As reported by relatives of celebrities, ambulance forcibly took him to a psychiatric clinic.

      Many fellow stars on “Inhabited island” did not remain indifferent to his situation and offered his help. For example, the well-known writer Lena Lenina came to rescue him from the hospital. But the socialite would not let the patient. The daughter of an oligarch Nastya Curls offered the actor a major role in her new clip. The singer even announced compensation of 100 thousand rubles per shift.