Федор Бондарчук о своем романе: «Когда встретил Паулину я был свободен!»
Bondarchuk openly talked about what was his family life with Svetlana.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva


Fyodor Bondarchuk for the first time openly spoke about how he began his affair with Paulina Andreeva. It turned out that, contrary to popular belief that the 28-year-old actress has ruined the family life of Feodor and Svetlana, marriage star couple had cracked long before meeting Bondarchuk with Andreeva. According to the Director, at that time, when between him and Paulina passion flashed in his family life with Svetlana’s been put to end.

“Let’s just say I was single when I met Paulina, and I was free not a month or a week, and a few years…” — said Fedor Hello. Fedor says that the rumors that changes in his personal life happened “because someone specifically” have under itself no bases. “And I think that’s right, when people respect themselves, can not lie to myself and say directly that you need to be prepared for change!” he added.

Meanwhile, almost immediately after the divorce, Fedor and Svetlana appeared rumors that the Director intends to tie the knot with Paulina. The couple began preparing for the wedding, but was forced to postpone due to the rising hype around them. However, in the relationship of Director and Paulina and without this there is complete harmony. Theodore and Pauline have long visited their families — Bondarchuk easily found common language with her two younger brothers and parents, and Andreeva found the approach to children and grandchildren of his beloved. The couple almost inseparable — even going to work, they do not have to leave. Recently Pauline has starred in several projects of Fedora, where it got some of the main roles.