Сын Эвелины Блёданс испугался гигантских роботов
The TV presenter visited the Museum “rise of the machines”.

Сын Эвелины Блёданс испугался гигантских роботов

Evelina Bledans and son Sam

Photo: Press service

Evelina Bledans with his youngest son Sam came to the presentation of the new Museum “the Uprising
cars”, the official opening will take place on 2 January.

Seeing the huge Darth Vader, transformers, Decepticons and terminators 4-year-old Simon lost his nerve and hid behind mom, but after a few minutes settled in and began to study them. He especially liked the huge rhinoceros in the room “Animal world”, where metal collected animals of large size.

More interested in boy’s electronic musical instruments of the future, many of which are rare not only for Moscow but for the whole Russia. For example,
table playing music, he’s rectal or e-harp and guitar.

The final part of the tour was cyberscape — play space for the little ones, where all the dolls-robots come to life and each tells its own tale.

“This year we have been on a huge number of trees and a variety of children’s activities — shared with 7days.ru Bledans. But
such see for the first time. Of course, the Seme a little scary to see a huge monster made of iron, it is more like bunnies and bears, but for older children there is a Paradise. It’s an amazing space where children can meet all their favorite robots, dinosaurs and other heroes of popular films”.