От певицы Бьянки требуют 8 миллионов рублей

Not only Western artists have to stand trial for misconduct. Our Patriotic star singer, Bianca became embroiled in litigation.

According to a number of Russian media, Warner Music Russia filed for the singer to court, accusing it of misappropriation of large sums of money.

Supposedly, Bianca gave several concerts, but violated the terms of the contract by not paying the interest of the company provided Agency services.

We are talking about the sum of eight million rubles.

The company says that in Russia and abroad Bianca gave 57 concerts, for which at the expense of Warner Music Russia, nothing was listed.

Representatives of the singer yet the situation does not comment.

Recall that in 2014 Warner Music Russia has appealed to the court because of Bianchi. The company then claimed that he gave the singer the money for the clip but no video product girl has not created, and later decided to refuse the services of Warner Music Russia. In 2016 it was decided by the court regarding that matter. Bianca had to pay about 3 million rubles is 8.6 million, which required the company.

I wonder how this time the issue is resolved?