В семье Наташи Королевой случилось несчастье Well-known artist experiencing the death of a loved one. The singer told followers that her cousin, who lives in Kiev, died. The Queen admitted that she will not even be able to fly to grandma’s funeral.

      Natasha Koroleva shared with subscribers of the sad news. In Kiev died her grandmother Sofiya Nikolaevna, who was 94 years. In the microblog actress posted a picture with cousin and in the caption indicated that it will not even be able to say goodbye to a loved one.

      “Today, in Kiev, my grandmother died. And I can’t fly bury her,” said the Queen.

      A few months ago, SBU took the decision to ban the entry of Natasha to Ukraine for a period of five years. The singer was shocked by such a step the authorities of his native country. She was going to give concerts in several Ukrainian cities, but her plans went awry. Most of all, the Queen was afraid that her relatives who live there, something might happen. Natasha Koroleva: “I didn’t know I had so many enemies”

      The pop star told that he learned about the prohibition of entry to Ukraine during a conversation with a local journalist. The authorities explained their refusal by the fact that her work poses a danger to the state. The Queen was surprised by this wording. But most of all, the actress was scared of my grandmother.

      “Hearing that, I closed the road home, she couldn’t believe it. Health has drastically deteriorated. Grandma old, heart junk, pressure. A couple of days of entrance on duty ambulances with resuscitation. Now she rarely gets up, although I walked around the house, something was cooking. In Moscow, it can’t be transported too bad…” said the Queen with “StarHit”.

      Fans of the actress expressed condolences and wish her strength. Many members supported the Queen in difficult times, and knew how the singer was close to Sophia Nikolaevna.

      Natasha Koroleva was allowed to say goodbye to grandma

      “Natasha, you’re grandmother loved more than my mother. For you this is a big loss, and these circumstances beyond all reasonable limits, we can only grieve, cry and wonder”, “Very hard. Wildly. Inhuman. Natasha, be brave!”, “I’m so sorry. What happens defies understanding,” wrote Natasha’s followers on the social network.