Риз Уизерспун снимется в фильме «Блондинка в законе 3»

The feminization of the film is very slow. At the moment a small percentage of the produced film boasts main characters women, but Reese Witherspoon is going to fix it and are willing to work in this direction. The actress said that it was ready to go back to the image of the blonde lawyer Elle woods and star in the third part of the Comedy “legally Blonde”.

The entire catch is of this project lies in the lack of original script. “I need someone really smart with a great idea,” explained Witherspoon.

As long as the tape is only in its infancy, it is difficult to say what is the fate of the heroine Reese. It is not excluded that further it will be the first female President of the United States. In any case, the actress believes that now is the time for such a film: “I think it would be great, — said the actress. — I think we’re ready to see El in action. Many authors over the years have offered various ideas regarding the continuation of the film. I think now is the right moment because now we are promoting women in politics and it is important to show. In my opinion, to make Elle woods, for example, a Supreme court justice would be cool.”

We will remind, the American Comedy by Robert Luketic “legally Blonde,” based on the novel by Amanda brown was presented to the public in 2001. At the time of hire the picture has collected 141, $ 7 million. “Legally blonde 2” was presented in 2003 and brought cash to 121,6 million.