From Dakota Johnson’s new novel

У Дакоты Джонсон новый роман

The female lead in the erotic trilogy of “Shades of grey” Dakota Johnson can feel free to be naked on camera for the sake of a movie, but to bare his soul in front of an audience she doesn’t like. Probably because of my sexual preferences it always tells with great care and once again trying not to comment on what’s going on in her personal life.

About who is the favorite of the Dakota say close to it insiders and the paparazzi, which today we share with you. So, several sources said that Johnson had an affair with his personal trainer Ryan Farhoudi.

The reason for this gossip was the fact that Dakota and Ryan spend a lot of time together not only in the gym creating a actress perfect figure, but also beyond. For example, recently a couple I saw in the store for organic foods, where they bought a frozen yogurt. Then Dakota and Ryan went to the movies. Very romantic pastime.

We will remind, Dakota from 2012, the year met with actor Jordan Masterson, but the couple broke up in 2014 after Johnson confirmed to “Fifty shades of grey” (Jordan asked the Dakota to give up the role and tried to persuade him to go with him to the Church of Scientology). Since 2014, she met musician Matthew Hit, but last summer they split up.