Kendall Jenner has dismissed the personal protection for the theft

Кендалл Дженнер уволила личную охрану из-за кражи

Last week with her younger sister Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner had a very unpleasant incident from the girl’s home made jewelry in the amount of 200 thousand dollars while she was absent.

It was reported that Kendall invited me to his friends and acquaintances to the party, but in the middle of the fun was absent. Girlfriend wasn’t home more than an hour, and when she returned, found that she was robbed. Arrived at the crime scene, police concluded that no signs of forced entry were discovered, from which they concluded that the jewels celebrity arrogated to itself or one of the guests or staff Jenner (took advantage of the moment, when the house had a lot of people).

While the police are examining video from surveillance cameras located both in the house and the perimeter of the site, 21-year-old mannequin acts decisively. Jenner decided to completely change the state of his personal guard. According to insiders: “first, it is no longer able to trust them. And secondly, there is a suspicion that the theft was committed by one of them”.

Earlier we talked about how the amount for advertising in social networks get the Kardashians-Jenner. Kendall in the list is not in last place.