From Channing Tatum’s new girlfriend

У Ченнинга Татума новая девушка

In April of this year it became known about the divorce, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Now Jenna is feeling well and continues to move forward. She personally said in an interview that her life begins a new Chapter. Her ex-husband is also not discouraged and seem to have found a new girl.

A new girlfriend the actor was singer Jessie J. A few times the actor was noticed for her concerts last week, and the Twitter handle says he saw the couple playing mini Golf on the weekend in Seattle. “Who knew that mini-Golf could be so crazy. Tonight I had to watch as one of my former professors kisses with my fiancé, then my colleague cut his hand, and finally, Jessie j and Channing Tatum came to play a round”, — he wrote.

“I was very happy in the status of wife. But then I began to think about who I am and what I can give to this world. So I really wanted to develop. Now I feel joy, freedom and enthusiasm. And this is a new Chapter in my life. I feel very open and are optimistic,” said the ex-wife of Tatum.

“We’re just used to this situation, where still very much in love. We are trying to be the best parents for Everly and support each other”, says Jenna.

Now a lot of attention a mother pays five daughters. As she says, she teaches the daughter to develop and to know itself, to find their purpose in life. “She’s like a little mirror. She is very willful and inspires me to and I became more conscious. She is very ambitious. If she doesn’t manage your own business or the whole world, so I fail as a mother”, she concluded.

“We very much loved each other many years ago. This was the beginning of our joint magical journey. Nothing has changed in our relationship to each other. But love is a beautiful experience, which has prepared for each of us his ways. Between us did not happen any quarrels or indecent incidents. We have no secrets. Just two best friends realized that the time has come to help each other to live the most joyful and happy life as possible. We are still family and will always stay loving and devoted parents to our Everly,” — they wrote in an official statement.

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