Melania trump: “We can’t just cry rape”

Мелания Трамп: «Мы не можем просто заявить о насилии»

Donald trump has repeatedly accused of sexual violence, but to see the real reaction of the First lady could only the husband himself. The wife of the President very rarely gives interviews, but during a tour through Africa made an exception. Melania gave a big interview to TV channel ABC. First the interviewer asked the opinion of the first lady of scandal with Brett Cavanaugh.

“Support women need to hear: not only women but also men. I’m really on the side of women, but you need to provide evidence. We can’t just cry rape, because sometimes the media go too far in telling stories about it. Need hard evidence if you accuse someone,” says Melanie in an interview.

This Friday will be released the full interview, in which journalist will discuss with Melania lot of interesting things. Recall that more than 300 women protested against the appointment of Brett kavanaugh for the post of judge of the Supreme court. This post is very important and is issued for life, so women could not speak out against. The fact that Cavanaugh was accused of sexual harassment by three women. The post has been nominated by President Donald trump, whose personality is so badly perceived female. Testimony in the judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate Cavanaugh tearfully said: “You can’t make me go!”. Despite the fact that the US President continues to publicly support a nominated candidate, celebrities in addition Ratzkowski and Schumer believe that a candidate with such a biography can not occupy such an important position. Among them you will meet such persons: alyssa Milano, Jessica Chastain, armie hammer and others.

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