“Friends” start talking votes Churikova and Zadorozhnaya

«Друзья» заговорят голосами Чуриковой и Задорожной

American TV series in a new unusual sound show at the summer cinemas of Moscow.

How many times have we laughed at the jokes Rachel green Yes Ross Geller? And Jennifer aniston we loved from the television series “Friends”. In the night from 15 to 16 July to see the show will be. You’re surprised because for a long time know all the dialogues by heart?

This time your favorite characters will now speak in the voices of the channel head of MTV Russia Yana Churikova, actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya, artist Sasha Frolova, actor and TV host Anton Lavrentiev photographer Dmitry Iskhakov and finally, the author of the show “+100500” Maxim golopolosov.

Of course, they have peresvodili not the whole series, it would have taken years, and only a couple of episodes. But it is their show in the night from Friday to Saturday in the summer cinemas of Moscow.

The screenings will be held on the night of July 16, two parks in the summer cinema in Sokolniki and Gorky Park. With the shows organizers have promised to decide until early next week.

Schedule a session and the ticket price will be on the phone +7 499 240-52-40 (summer cinema “pioneer”).

«Друзья» заговорят голосами Чуриковой и Задорожной

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