Сергей Шнуров послал детей…которым за 30-ть

The popularity of the group “Leningrad” and its frontman Sergei Shnurov for several years has increased significantly. In a lot of this happened due to the veracity of the lyrics of the band, as well as the simplicity and madness that shows the Cords on the stage. Swear words have always been in the work the “Leningrad”, but lately it seems that more of them.

Cords and uses them to the point and not what he hears, and almost to justify. In social network Instagram Sergei has published an interesting response to disturbance their followers as to “what would happen if his posts offensive read children”.

“Often indignantly ask me, what if you publish my suddenly seen and read by children,” writes the artist. — I, frankly, very embarrassed that circumstance, and the comments the kids come out crappy, inept, as the first mud pies. They understand everything too literally and are very close to a small, quivering child to the heart. Though some of them are well over thirty. So, in the name of a prosperous future and all that is Holy, I appeal to the children. Children, go to ***”.

By the way, note that Sergei Shnurov and his team network users want to send to the next contest “Eurovision” which will pass in Ukraine. Interestingly, embodied this idea in life?

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