Друзья Татьяны Овсиенко обеспокоены ее здоровьем Not long ago, the fiance of singer Alexandra Merkulova was accused of complicity in the crime. Businessman sat in jail for six months. This time he will spend in Matrosskaya Tishina. The singer, who was not herself at the time of sentencing, to cope. According to a friend Ovsienko radio operator kat, Tatiana had nervous breakdowns because of what happened to her lover.

      Друзья Татьяны Овсиенко обеспокоены ее здоровьем

      In late August, the groom 49-year-old singer Tatyana Ovsienko Alexander Merkulova again put in prison. This time he will spend in prison six months. To serve his sentence, Alexander will be on one floor of the Matrosskaya Tishina, in a place where contain accused of serious crimes. Ovsienko was present at the sentencing of her lover. Present there the journalists noted that the star was very upset, nervously biting her lip and barely kept from being not to cry.

      After sentencing Merkulov took off the valuable things — the cross of gold, watch and ring and gave them to his beloved. In parting, Alexander kissed his beloved.

      According to journalists, Ovsienko worked a lot to pay Merkulov expensive lawyers. She even sold the apartment to the money to spend on the help of beloved. The actress also was worried and sometimes she suffered a nervous breakdown. About the problems Ovsienko health said in the program “You wouldn’t believe” radistka ket from “Arrow”, a colleague and friend of the artist.

      Groom Tatyana Ovsienko was again put in prison

      “And who is not crippled? When all this happened, had problems with health, because the body is not iron, and emotional load he then throws in all sorts of sores. Unfortunately, it does not go unnoticed. I know what it is worth it and it is good that such women are… She must be very valuable to keep calm,” he told the radio operator kat.
      Друзья Татьяны Овсиенко обеспокоены ее здоровьем

      Radistka kat understands Tatyana Ovsienko like no other. In February 2015, the civil husband of the actress Sergey Lubuskiego was sentenced to seven years for beating up a girl. The couple raised two adorable sons. Despite the cheating wife, Ekaterina Kravtsova (real name radio operator kat) continued to love him. The marriage of Catherine and Sergey signed in jail. According to the memoirs of the singer, it was very unpleasant — it was watching the guards and inmates shouted at the actress, dressed in a white dress, from behind bars.

      Recall that beloved Tatyana Ovsienko Alexander Merkulov had previously served three years in jail. After the businessman left to chance, he planned to marry the singer. However, this did not happen, because the man had to stand trial. He was accused on the case of attempted murder. According to investigators, Merkulov became an accomplice in the crime. In late August, the man was convicted.