На проект «Дом-2. Остров любви» пришла дочь священника Margaret Kern struck all the participants of the new show eighth the size of the breast. The girl looks pretty impressive, but a far greater interest in the details of her past. The successor of the cleric was involved in scandalous stories related to cheating men.

      На проект «Дом-2. Остров любви» пришла дочь священника

      The TV project “Dom – 2” extends the format of the site and launches new show “love Island”. Twelve sexy girls landed in the Seychelles, where they will compete for the hearts of the two eligible bachelors of the project – Alexander Zadoinov and Ivan Bursikova. The organizers of the new show promise that the new Heartbreakers will attract not only Sasha and Vanya, but the viewers. The correspondent of “StarHit” managed to learn details of the personal life of one of the participants.

      Alexander Zadoinov moved to the Villa for 30 million. PHOTO

      Margaret Kern after appearing on the romantic island immediately drew the attention of participants. That girl is the daughter of the priest, absolutely nothing like. Rita can be called a lover of bright dresses and open necklines. Besides, she is the winner of the eighth breast size and lush lips that attracted her attention.

      “Margaret’s father, the priest, tells the other girls Alex Leslie. – From childhood he was raised by core strictly, kept in tight rein. Especially controlled sex life, forbidden to communicate with them. So by the age of 18 she had grown chaste and sexually closed. After coming of age she ran away from home, and immediately began to swim in the men’s attention.”
      На проект «Дом-2. Остров любви» пришла дочь священника

      According to the new environment of the participant “House-2”, inexperience in dealing with members of the opposite sex gave her a lot of internal complexes. In 2009 the girl began to attend training on the skill of seducing men.

      “At Rita’s high-speed integration and analytical thinking , – continues Alex. – Each job divorce men she did without question and dislike. For example, arranged the bases. Sent to boyfriend her close friend to check for fidelity. If you are a fan of pecking at the bait – enabled intimacy – she recorded a sex tape and posted to the Internet. Also Rita was able to enter into a relationship with two young people. Then both to introduce and to bring them an ultimatum: “Boys, we live three together or I quit!”.

      На проект «Дом-2. Остров любви» пришла дочь священника

      In order to properly manipulate men Rita took two years of hard training. “The other girls for the core are not opponents, says Leslie. – It just goes to show not for a million. She had rich men who were removing her a lot of money. I think she fell in love, if I went even under the camera. Because in her life there was a case when she lived with the guy and paid for his apartment, food, clothing. All out of love!”