Friend Ksenia Sobchak reincarnated as a homeless person for a new TV show

Друг Ксении Собчак перевоплотился в бомжа ради нового телешоу Anton Krasovsky will be the co-host stars in the new television project, which will be released next month. Work on the ambitious program was all summer. On the filming of Ksenia and Anton were trying on costumes from different eras.

Several months Ksenia Sobchak posted in Instagram photos in weird clothes. As it turned out, the star became the leading show of the channel “Friday!”, dedicated to the past ages. The company celebrity has made her a longtime friend Anton Krasovsky. He confirmed the information about the launch of the television project on his page on “Facebook”. Krasovsky also expressed the hope that the public will like a new program.

“Finally, the official announcement of what we Ksenia Sobchak spent all summer. And I hope (if the viewer is suddenly gracious, and makes the bosses happy), and spend a lot of time”, – said Krasovsky.

Friends of the journalist supported his numerous “likes” and wishes of good luck. According to them, Anton and Ksenia – wonderful hosts that perfectly complement each other. “I can’t wait to see”, “Great Union,” wrote friends of Krasovsky.

It is known that one of the issues a new project was filmed in the village of the plant “Mosrentgen”. In the microblog Krasovsky has pictures taken the day of work on the transmission. The atmospheric photo journalist posing together with model Danila Polyakov, made famous by the irregular appearance and outrageous behavior. The star of the catwalk dressed in a mini dress and extravagant high-heeled shoes.

Followers Krasouski was delighted with the publication. “Wow, that’s cool”, “What legs”, “Followers trash the hundredth level”, “It’s Macaulay Culkin”, “My market, my gang”, “Wild luxury”, “louboutins”, “Underground!”, “Boys in blue”, “Monsters party”, “Kid harness”, “what Is PTU?”, “Game of thrones” is discussed by users of social networks.

The other photo shows Anton was captured in worn clothes about the red car. “Life is good”, he commented ironically. “I was wondering where you saw”, “Hard bass”, “the Bitter truth”, “the Chic place”, “you Look great”, “Style from Gosha Rybchinskogo?”, “Finally look”, – joked the subscribers of a journalist.

Ksenia Sobchak did not depart from each other and also shared photos from the shooting of the ambitious project. “All these business suits, makeup, feminism and calls for progress is useless. Tired but still looking for a load of meat the woman with the eggs – that’s what the country needs!” – humorously remarked star.

It is known that the new program will air in November. The name of the transfer is unknown. Anton Krasovsky and Ksenia Sobchak will immerse viewers in a variety of time – as in the 19th century and in the era of rave discos.