Wife Karachentsova: “If cancer, we will fight”

Жена Караченцова: «У Коли рак, мы будем бороться» According to some reports, the famous actor had serious problems with health. Wife of movie and theatre stars Lyudmila Porgina revealed “StarHit” the truth about his condition. Despite the serious diagnosis, wife of the actor hoped for the best.
Жена Караченцова: «У Коли рак, мы будем бороться»

In September Nikolai Karachentsov was in the hospital. In the media there is different data about the health of the people’s artist of the RSFSR. Close movie and theatre stars denied that he complains of health problems and explained his hospitalization routine examination.

On Wednesday, the journalists wrote that Nikolai Petrovich held a tissue biopsy. Computed tomography showed that the artist has a tumor in her left lung. “StarHit” contacted celebrity wife Lyudmyla Parginos, pojasnila rumors about his condition.

“If found malignant. In February we had a suspected cancer, we flew to Germany, where we said it was just inflammation. But in September, during a routine examination they found a tumor. It is not operable. But we hope for the best,” said the woman “StarHit”.
Жена Караченцова: «У Коли рак, мы будем бороться»

Recall that the wife of Nicholas Karachentsova has told about the tumor in his left lung in the program, “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, released in early September. According to Lyudmila Parginos, the doctors found a tumor the actor after the accident, which happened in February this year. Then the woman was deprived of rights for driving under the influence, however she denies any wrongdoing.

The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”

Жена Караченцова: «У Коли рак, мы будем бороться»“Imagine: 12 years old to fight for the life of a man to get drunk, drive and kill all four of you and myself too? And for what it is? I have a long day. In the morning I scored the trunk with wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey to bring to the restaurant for the Wake… All crashed, the car rolled over several times and lay on its side. All the coat in the blood, vodka, wine, whiskey. How long we lay there, I don’t know. Maybe an hour and a half,” – said Lyudmila Andreevna.

Nikolai Petrovich held a bronchoscopy and saw a tumor. “Then did the PET survey, it showed that the metastases are not. We immediately flew to Germany, to treat”, commented Polina some time ago when I was not aware of the malignant nature of education.

On air of transfer of Andrey Malakhov, the wife of Nicholas Karachentsova also explained why her husband, who can hardly move, do not do knee surgery. According to Lyudmila Andreevna, the body of the actor will not be able to recover after such an intervention of medical professionals. “He has no physical capacity to go through the rehabilitation period, to make the artificial joint. So we go. And we are not of that go bad, but because we had an epileptic fit” – shared Porgina.