Подруга Бузовой заговорила о причинах ее развода с Тарасовым Friend leading shared details of parting celebrities. She also talked about how the presenter feels. According to Alena Golosovoy, volleyball players and ex-wife of footballer Mikhail Kuzmin, Olga Buzova very hard, but she tries not to let on.

      At the end of last year Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has terminated the relationship in the petty-bourgeois registry office of Moscow. The couple broke up after four years of marriage. Fans of celebrities still don’t know why they decided to divorce. Rumors about this go variety, but the stars prefer to refrain from comment. The journalists interviewed Alena Golosovoy, the former wife of footballer Mikhail Kuzmin and friends of ex-lovers. The girl admitted that what happened in the family and leading the athlete was a great surprise for her.

      Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      “We have Dima has always had a good relationship. We understood each other, something supported. He liked masculinity. He’s a difficult character, and I love when people have their views and principles. Not always in the relationship I was on the side of Oli. But recent events I do not quite understand. Everyone has their own truth. Now I communicate more with Olga, so Dima is not a very good impression…Dima says one thing, she another. We will never know why” – shared the girl.

      As says Alain Golonova, the husband was evicted Olga Buzova out of the apartment and took the car. The girl confirmed that the star broke up on the initiative of the player. At the moment the famous host suffers and worries, but tried to stay strong and not to file the form. According to Alena, Olga behaved decently in social networks.

      Golonova also stood up for Buzova, which is often called narrow-minded. Alena, on the contrary, finds a friend very intelligent and educated man, who was not spoiled in popularity. According to ex-volleyball players, the behavior of her friends on stage – the part of the image and “girly things”.

      Alena Golonova spoke about the negative qualities of Dmitry Tarasov, a close friend of her former husband. She denied numerous speculation about the nature of the athlete.

      “Dima is not greedy. People don’t always flaunt it, but I know he does a lot of charity. He even our family helped financially. Not much, but still… by the Way, Pro players say that they thump. When I Dima drank several times. During the season – never, even on his birthday. Then came Kokorin and Samedov. And they also did not drink, because it was before the team”, – said the girl.

      Recall that in an interview, Olga Buzova revealed the reason why I broke up with Dmitry Tarasov. The girl frankly admitted that she brought it on herself, exposing my personal life.

      Olga Buzova about breaking up with her husband: “I’m to blame”

      Pair Buzova and Tarasova was considered one of the most balanced in the Russian show-business. Their relationship was envied by many. Friends celebrities also believed their marriage was perfect. Alena Golonova admitted Sports.ru that no one had any doubts about the sincerity of their relationship.