Экс-участница «Лицея» могла умереть насильственной смертью The mysterious death of a friend Prokhor Chaliapin Joan of Rustamovoj triggered numerous speculation. Close girls shocked by her sudden death and put forward a different version of what happened.

      On the eve became aware of the fact that in Vladivostok has died singer Zhanna Mostakova, who played with the popular 90’s group “Lyceum”. This was reported by her friend Prokhor Chaliapin in social networks. The young man noted that the departure of Jeanne’s life was a heavy blow for him. According to Shalyapin, Rustamovoj they were “on same wavelength”. Close artist was shocked by her death. The girl had not complained of health problems and was actively making plans for the future.

      Prokhor Chaliapin about the death of a close friend, ex-soloist of the “Lyceum”

      Recently revealed new details about the death of Joan of Rustamovoj. In an interview with one of the editions of Prokhor Chaliapin told about what he had learned from the relatives of the girl. As it turned out, that happened a lot of inconsistencies. So Prokhorov does not exclude that an artist could get out of life against their will. However, this is only one of several versions of what could happen. The cause of death of Rustamovoj will announce law enforcement agencies began checking on the fact of what happened.

      “I called the mother of her husband (I didn’t) and told about the mysterious death. Versions we have in effect a lot. Maybe it was an accident, but we do not exclude a violent death, because examination was not. Perhaps the cause of death was the fall of the shelf on the head when she was lying in the bathroom. Or violent death over the division of the apartment, yet she’s worth a lot. It is unclear who will get, as I don’t know whether Jeanne had to divorce officially. In General, a lot of versions, I did what do not insist, but do not exclude them,” Chaliapin told reporters.

      Evgenia Grebenyuk, a friend of Joan of Rustamovoj, mentioned another possible cause of her death. The girl thinks that the artist still had health problems, which could lead to a sad end. “I think that had a minor stroke or cardiac failure, she began to choke, grabbed the shelf and only then she fell”, – said Eugene.

      However, Grebenyuk do not know whether Rustamovoj heart problems. According to the girl, the body of Jeanne found no traces that could indicate problems in the body. At the moment, made an autopsy and examination.

      Eugene also reported on how she found the body of the deceased friend. According to the girl, she could not get through Rustamovoj, therefore, sounded the alarm. Grebenyuk went to her friend’s home, but the door nobody opened. So Eugene contacted acquaintances of Joan who had a spare set of keys to her apartment. Close Rustamovoj found her dead in the bathroom. Next to the singer lay of the regiment, said, according to “MK”.

      Later in mass media there was information that the singer Zhanna Rostkova not included in the main part of the group “Lyceum”. The girl was the substitute member of the team and performed at several concerts artists.