Mom killed Babakulova afraid for his life

Мама убитой Бобокуловой боится за свою жизнь Ekaterina Mescheryakova fears of revenge of the babysitter. In this regard, the woman wrote the appeal to Prosecutor’s office, in which he expressed disagreement with the decision of the Khoroshevsky court of Moscow. According to meshcheriakova, it is illegal and unfair.

      Мама убитой Бобокуловой боится за свою жизнь

      Today it became known that Ekaterina Mescheryakova, the child’s mother, who died in February 2016 at the hands of babysitters of Gulchehra Bobokulov, asked the Prosecutor. Journalists report that a woman asks police to reconsider decision in the case of a native of Uzbekistan, and also requires you to inform her about the location of the killer.

      The court released a child killer Bobokulov

      Meshcheryakova fears of the release of Bobokulov. She is afraid that a woman can send home to Uzbekistan, and there the criminal is able to release into the wild. After this killer like Catherine said, it will be easy to return to Moscow. The mother of four Anastasia meshcheriakova, who died at the hands of their own babysitters, fears of retaliation by Bobokulov.

      “I was denied the right to obtain information about Babakulova on the execution of the sentence, while Bobokulov can send home for medical treatment. My family can’t feel safe if Bobokulov maybe one day, arrived from Uzbekistan to Moscow to meet me or my child at the entrance, as during the investigation, she testified that she had intentions to kill the entire family,” the statement reads meshcheriakova.

      The woman also said that the process over Babakulova illegal and unjust. Ekaterina Mescheryakova believes that the sitter needs to bear criminal liability, not to serve his compulsory treatment as decided Khoroshevsky court.

      Recall that the brutal murder of little Anastasia meshcheriakova occurred in February 2016. Then Gulchehra Bobokulov strangled his ward and made an arson of apartment of the family Mesherjakova. Later, the woman appeared near capital metro station “October field.” Bobokulov was holding the head of the ward and shouted “Allah Akbar!”. She also threatened to arrange explosion.

      In November last year Khoroshevsky court of Moscow has recognized Bobokulov nevmenyaemoi and decided to release the native of Uzbekistan from criminal liability. The criminal was sent for treatment at the hospital of the closed type. It is known that Babakulova was diagnosed with paroxysmal paranoid schizophrenia.

      Copies of the statement of Catherine meshcheriakova, in which she requests to revise the verdict of the court, was in possession of “RBC”. According to the newspaper, the woman turned to the Prosecutor’s office on 11 January. The parents of the beheaded girl was fighting for her life before the tragedy